The Dry Season is an Austin, Texas based band that began in March of 2008 as a neo-psychedelic, post-rock, shoegaze group combining beautiful haunting vocals, atmospheric soundscapes, swirling effects-drenched guitar, and tight dynamic arrangements.

The anonymously titled, debut album, “The Dry Season”,  was released in May 2011 and received all-around positive reviews among local and national critics.  Touring in support of the record yielded a burgeoning fan-base across the west coast and mid-west.

Their second full length album “Sentient Planet” released in November 2014, displayed a further evolution toward a darker and multilayered sound.  Despite various lineup changes, the core lineup of guitarist Sammy Ragland and singer Madelyn Carr, continued to expand their sonic palette and vision.  

The Dry Season newest album,  “Multiverse”, delicately glides from hypnotic ambient textures to sonically destructive chaos with overwhelming emotion.   Each song is a meticulous story with forethought and intention, and evocative words that bring forth a timeless array of emotions and interpretations. Within the ethereal soundscapes, the rage of distortion and bombardment of feedback, and chorus of extraterrestrial vocals, the listener will experience a true multiverse of sound.   It is The Dry Season’s ability to combine, intertwine and swing back and forth from such opposite extremes that makes this band worth experiencing live and on record.


The Dry Season:

Sammy Ragland:- Guitar, Keys

Madelyn Carr – Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Cimone Duplantier – Vocals, Bass

Sean Haezebrouck – Drums